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Sally and Cony Secret Activity

Vincent Kurniadi (28210380)

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One day James and Brown talking about their friends Sally and Cony. They think Sally and Cony have secret activity. Because for several days Sally and Cony looked hurry going to home and leavings them. Usually, after school they are went to Library, canteen, and hang out together. Not only that, when James and Brown asked for that they are not said anything. So strange, they conclude that. Now James and Brown make some plan to following them to know what happen with their friends.

James: " Are you ready Brown, for today?" (Say James with enthusiasm face)
Brown: " Of course James, I'm never forget about today" (Say Brown with seriously face)
James: " Okey, I start my idea. Went they go from class. I call you to prepare and waiting   me on stair floor 1st okey"
Brown: " Hmm this is okey James, but Mr. Boss become my teacher for my last lesson today."
James: " Whattt, why you not say early brown?" (James surprising)
Brown: " I forget that James, because you are always talked so much yesterday".
James: " OMG, If Mr. Boss teach you for last lesson of course waste our time.." (James dizzy)
Brown: " Indeed, he is teach so long" (Brown said with innocence face)
James: " Okey, I have another idea. I will call you to say about Sally and Cony and then I'm following them. If you had finished your lesson, you have to go to canteen. Because I'm waiting you at there, okey". (James affirm)
Brown: " Okey, by the way we have bring some thing to facilitate our investigate, like hat or sunglasses maybe? " (Brown ask)
James: " You are right! There is sufficient to undercover. Ow yeah I think we need clothes to."
Brown:" Hmm about clothes maybe we can use our jackets because we not enough time to going home."
James:" Hmm you are right! Okey We use jackets. About sunglasses and hat I have them on my locker."
Brown: " Locker? OMG I forget it, I'm kept my camera on there
James: "Ow Yeah"?
Brown: " Yeah, I want to bring my camera in my locker to catch suspicion move."
James: " Good, perfect plan. Okey see you soon"
Brown: " Yeah, see you soon to"

Suddenly ringing bell sign that the class will be start. And then James and Brown going to their class.

Several hours later the ringing bell sign that the lesson had finished.
James was calling Brown about Sally and Cony like they planed before. For several times James meet Brown on Canteen they bring necessary thing for they investigation. Previously Brown and James wear their jackets. Brown use sunglasses and James use Hat. On the journey, some time Cony turn around but she not realize their existence. Looking that, James and Brown feel convince their undercover are so perfect. They are follow Sally and Cony until station. suddenly Sally and Cony disappear. Looking that James and Brown surprise. They are confuse and almost give up about that. When they decide to going home, James find suspicion building. They guess this building is a place that Sally and Cony disappear. Suddenly someone come out for that building with Sally and Cony!

Sally and Cony: " James, Brown? What are you doing in here?"
James and Brown: " You are two, what are doing in here?"
Moon: " Hoo Sally, Cony you are know them? They are your friends?"
Cony: "Yes Moon we are know them. They are our friends"
Sally: " Yes we are student from the same school, by the way what are doing in here? Are you following us?"
James: " No, we just hang out" (James almost speechless)
Brown: " Yeah just hang out" (Brown speechless too)
Cony: " Excuse me Moon, maybe you are confuse about this but sure we are don't know about that."
Sally: " Yeah previously may I introduce to you Moon, they are James and Brown. James classmate with me"
Sally:" And for you two,let me introduce him to you. He is an owner from Brightly Line Theater. His his name is Moon."
(James and Brown admiration)
James: " Hoo wonderful, nice to meet you Mr. Moon"
Brown: " Yeah nice to meet you Mr. Moon"
Moon:" Hahaha nice to meet you too James and Brown. Because you are Sally and Cony's friends you are can only call me Moon. By the way are you like theater?" (Moon ask James and Brown)
James and Brown: "Theater?"
Moon:" Yeah, today I am and all member from Brightly Line Theater want to go to Futako Theater."
Brown: " Amazing" 
James: " I guess that's cool"
Moon: " If you are not busy, I invite you to watch Futako Theater together."
(Moon smile for James and Brown)
James: " Thank you but.. (James and Brown turn around look they face together)
Moon:" Hahaha don't worry about ticket because we have still enough tickets for us"." Are you want to enjoy with us?"
James and Brown:" Okey, we take your invitation Thank you very much Moon"
Moon: " Good, let's enjoy with us" (Moon smile for them)


James and Brown looking confuse for Moon offering but Cony and Sally nod and smile for them. Look that James and Brown decide to take Moon's invitation. Now James, Brown, Sally, Cony, and another member following Moon they are walk while for station go to Purple Building to watching Futako Theater together. In the end James and Brown know what the reason Cony and Sally hurry going to home. Because they are want to exercise in Bright Line Theater

Hello every body, This story just disclaimer. The character on this conversation I take from Line Corporation.
I made ​​it just to complete my college task.
Enjoy Your read :-)

*Thanks all for Line Corporation has given me the idea to the completion of this dialogue.

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